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Contact Details

For passwords:
ICT Student Helpdesk: 051 401 2442
Between 08:00 and 16:30


For Blackboard assistance:
As of 2014 the Lab Helpdesk can also be contacted at 051 401 9452 during the following hours:


Weekdays: 07:00 - 22:00
Saturdays: 08:00 - 18:00
Sundays: 09:30 - 16:30
Holidays: 09:00 - 18:00


BlackBoard Login

Please use your Novell username and password to log into Blackboard.

Please note that this is the same login credentials used by staff to browse the internet, intranet and log into their GroupWise email address, and used by students to browse the internet and log into their UFS4life email address.

If staff or students forgot their password, they can change their password online at using their Challenge Response answers.

Students, please note that you will only be able to access Blackboard 24-48 hours after you have registered.

Studente, let asseblief daarop dat u slegs toegang tot Blackboard kan verkry 24-48 uur nadat u geregistreer het.

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